Entrix believes in providing customized solutions for their clients which are based on scientific requirements derived from sensor based technology.

Our Culture:

We’re all about teamwork. We work together, support each other, create brilliant work together, and also have fun. What sets the workings of entrix apart is the transparency in professional relationships. Hierarchy is taboo in our second home and all senior team members are always accessible – for words of advice, opinion or plain talk. This free and easy ambiance creates a friendly vibe which is great for people doing creative work.

Creating a new interior is a pleasant activity that you will surely enjoy for your home. But despite this fact, you might consider advice of an experienced expert in the field of interior consultancy, who knows many tips, tricks, secrets and good ideas that will surely not disappoint you in the end. Interior design experts in Hyderabad will help you with selection and arrangement of suitable furniture and accessories and with choosing the right color and the most suitable materials for your new interior as per your budget.

Entrix will create your interior design based exactly on your vision. We comprise of a brilliantly coordinated team of experienced interior designers and architects.